How single mothers destroy the black family.


Single mothers contribute to the problem by putting their children against the father. Simply because the father is with someone else, or because you are not on good terms is no reason to hold the child against their father.

In my opinion it is down right petty and serious issues begin to manifest because of the mother is being petty.

This opens the door to division, with in the black family, I’ll explain from my views how this works and why the system loves this. First wel fare, then child support, then jail. These three systems were installed from the beginning.

Removing the black man from the house hold is the whole point. This is all they care about. Is this kind of division’s with the black family and forcing the mother become independent to the point The ideation of her not needing a man because mentally she’s brain washed a programmed by the system.


I can do It on my own I don’t need a man. And their children grow up with sexual orientation issues,gender issues join gangs,sell drugs, end up in prison etc that child who is being raised by a single mother will lack emotionally and mentally From not having his dad in his life or a male figure in his life someone he/she can look up to as a father. Broken homes with no male influence is a destroyed home.


 It has been proven that with out leadership from the black man in the household a lot of children turn out dysfunctional. Instead of letting my post offend you why not look at it from another prospective and my blog is not for people with sensitivity, toward someone else’s views or the way someone thinks, we can agree to disagree without being petty about adult discussions, instead let’s discuss things and fix the issues we have within our households in our community.

Ladies you cannot blame the black man for every thing, if you’re loud, picking fights,brining up things you claimed to have forgiven him for and the minute you have a disagreement you are doing some of these things, provoking and encouraging the problem. He hits you, you call the police he ends up in jail and you on section 8 And wel fare and your child is with is without a father. But the big part of this is caused by you and you’re desire to control.

If there’s no father then their is no guidance if there’s no guidance the is no direction simple.


As a black woman I can see how this is effecting our community. From the acceptance of homosexuality that seed was planted now look at what’s it’s done to the youth. And this issue is being ignored and the trend continues to spread and destroy because it has been accepted.

As a nation we need to procreate from within we do not need any further divisions. 






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  1. Spot on…..i totally agree with you and then they use the cgild as a pawn….it’s disguisting and its a shame

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    1. Sure Is @ soul ethnicity we live is a very sad world. this is the matrix for real

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  2. larryzb says:

    You destroy a community from within by destroying its families. The past 50 to 60 years in this country proves that. We need strong families now, not at some distant point in a far off future.

    On another issue: Why is there not more outrage in the black community at that fact that so many black babies are aborted each and every day?

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    1. I agree 100% with everything you said. So many people in ignorance believe a fetus is not a baby and I think that’s why there’s no outrage behind aborted babies. Its sad and if only the realized a fetus is a baby believing the lies of the system to further destroy the black race.

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  3. I’m going to take the perspective of agree to disagree. While maybe 15-20% of African American single mothers make up this stereotype…the other 80-85% of us are doing what we need to do to ensure our kids defeat the odds of these types of stereotypes. If you know any single mothers who struggle spiritually or emotionally please encourage them to follow my blog…

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    1. I sure will 😊 thank you

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