women most of us cheat.



women cheat more


A lot of relationships end because of secrets. Mainly because women cheat like men do, the fact is the over rated cheating on the man’s be half is looked at as far more worse. Women cheat more than men do.


So why do men get the raft more than women. Simple we are programmed to believe in when in fact women are more likely to cheat more. Lack of attention,trust issues,no communication, there is always so kind of an excuse why people cheat.



In an article by Abc news according to author and psychologist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil 50% of women are likely to cheat on their husbands. That’s a large amount of women who claim men are cheaters but the percentage is clear. 


Some women have addictions to sex which makes them more subject to infidelity leading to divorce in marriage or a ending of a relationship. 

No trust no foundation, and you can take that how you want but like women men have feelings to and to have a label like that it is wrong because it shows that women cheat more, and I think women need to stop playing the victim and face the facts. You’re just as bad if not worse, than men.




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