Using mind relaxation before you’re next blog.



Writing a blog requires a sound mind, just like an actor or actresses have to put their talent in prospective. Relaxing the mind requires space peace and quiet. A crazy mind will not help the author, even if they are aware that their focused.

Rule number one, focus on you’re thoughts the topics you wish to discuss the point you’d like to make and the message you are trying to send. (2) Light some lavender insence, (3)drink some chamomile tea or another brand of tea you like. (4)Take a hot bath full relaxation mode especially if you had an intense day. (5)You can light some aroma candles to set the mood I recommend purple and blue candles. 

(6)Focus on what you would like to discuss make you’re blog successful by creating you’re own unique style. Get social share You’re blog on social media submit to search engines for more exposure.

Don’t worry about what people think! Enough is enough already. People are too opinionated to busy telling others and can’t even fix their own life. Write what you feel in you’re heart their is nothing wrong with being creative or different. Don’t let anyone discourage you. 



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