Why black women hate themselves.




Self hate, is it in you? 

A mind disorder that has ripped throughout the black community like a disease. Destroying unity. Self hatred with in the sister hood. Jealousy and bitterness most of the time it’s because of a man. Yes you read right. There has been competition with sister hood like I have never seen. We hate each other based the psychical attributes a dark skin sister hates on the light skin sister because she’s more attractive and the male is attracted to the light skin girl with light eyes, and long hair.


sisters this has been going on long enough, why must you hate,and through shade? I’m going to say this maybe if you leave the weaves,relaxers, and wigs alone, go natural you’re hair would grow to. It’s been proven that relaxers are linked to fibrosis in black women, and weave destroys the hair growth processed wigs causes patches in the hair making you eventually bald.

It saddens me to see how deep the hate we have for one another is.  And it’s even sadder this is not being talked about in the black community. We all after the same thing so why not get it together? We’d be so much more if we cast out the hate.


I am am sorry but I will say this to for you sisters that’s going around sleeping with a married man or a man that’s in a relationship you deserve to get what’s coming to you when his wife finds out. Playing the victim when the only victim here is the wife or girlfriend of the man you are sleeping with.


The reason why I want to discuss this issue is because the life style makes you look low as a woman. People will judge you based on how you not only look and dress but also how you carry yourself as a woman. You’re standards are supposed to be higher, and you’re behavior is also contributing to the problem of division by accepting a offer from a taken man you are helping to further destroy you’re people. Taking the man out of the home and leaving the child or children fatherless.


Understand this blog is not intended for judgement but it is intended to reach our brothers and sisters and encourage unity


Bleaching you’re skin is like saying you are ashamed of you’re heritage accept who you are and love your self. If you have children (especially daughters) focus on setting a positive examples and be the mothers you’re daughters can follow. 


 We have allowed feminism to destroy us as women. And you wonder why our men are loosing desire for us? If you think you don’t need a man please keep that to yourself and do not encourage such foolishness within the black community.


That’s all part of the agenda to further divide. So far every agenda has influenced the black community,very few of us are awaken in matrix. Sisters unite with each other we are all we have, no other culture will support us.



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