Where is the outrage behind abortion in the black community?




The Topic is never discussed since the belief has been instilled within the black community a fetus is not a baby. Programmed to believe that abortion is ok. 


In my personal opinion abortion is not ok, it is just taking the easy way out escaping the responsibilities that comes from intercourse.  If you have sex you should know what comes out of it. 

Abortion is a cruel and inhumane proceedure that destroys the possibility Of procreation in the future in most cases it destroys the womb making child barring impossible. of course rather you believe it or not it’s all apart of the plan. To further destroy the black family.


Each day thousands of black babies are being aborted. And some women will never experience child barring again after an abortion, Another reason why abortion is a crime is because it is genocide of the black community. Destroy the womb destroy the family once you can no longer procreate the enemy has succeeded in stopping the growth of the black family.

you are destroying you’re people via abortion. Stop destroying the black race! 

Where is the outrage?!! 

Abortion is limiting life in the black community, there are woman who cannot have children and would love to

Mean while our people are destroying each other in the womb.

Abortion is destroying the black race


Baby in the womb step by step educational documentary

Abortion is black genocide



stop killing You’re children. 


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  1. larryzb says:

    Thanks for having the courage to address this off limits topic. Black Americans need to reject this abortion mentality.

    The late Reggie White (of NFL fame) tackled this issue some years back. He indicted the medical community for performing this genocide, the government for allowing it, and the news media for covering it up.

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    1. You’re more than welcome and thank you for You’re support on this topic. Sadly when black People try to address issues the media never wants to put out there. Sometimes no matter what you tell people they won’t wake up. Or knock someone down for trying to bring awareness. The government is known for doing that.


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